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From the Desk of Pastor Zemke:


Over the past several weeks and into summer, Prince of Peace will have a sermon series on prayers of the Bible. Some of these will be our most loved Bible passages, passages we may even have memorized or have learned to pray ourselves. Of course there will be at least one message on Jesus’ priestly prayer in John 17. And there will be some more obscure prayers, like the prayer of Jabez from 1 Chronicles 4.


To some extent this series is a bit old hat. We know all about prayer and we have read most of these prayers ourselves and heard them in Sunday School and from the pulpit. What can possibly have changed after all these years with these prayers that we’ve had dear? In a word, us. The Word of God certainly never changes and we hold dear to a Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever as the author of Hebrews tells us.


But we humans don’t stay the same. We age, we mature, our lives change even as we age. And so a new look at how the people of the Bible pray, and what their circumstances were could be quite instructive. The Word of God never changes, but the impact of specific passages does.


In speaking about the Lord’s Prayer in the Large Catechism Luther makes several very good points about prayer in general. He notes “From the fact that prayer is so urgently commanded, we ought to conclude that we should by no means despise our prayers, but rather prize them highly.” Maybe we don’t highly prize our own prayers, but when we pray the very word of God, which we already rightly prize, shouldn’t that instruct us about our own prayers? Knowing that somebody has already prayed the prayer is comforting as we wait for God to answer our prayer. Luther reminds us again in the Large Catechism “This we must know, that all our safety and protection consist in prayer alone.” Knowing that our prayers are not just the thoughts of our heart but also the word of God not only instruct us but also keep us safe as we pray for God’s will in our lives.


Additionally, observing people in the Bible praying gives us a pattern for our own prayers. We learn what prayers are effective and what prayers aren’t. We learn what prayers and based in faith and what prayers are based in our selfish wants and desires. This changes the Bible from dry stories to a highly instructive text for us from which to learn.


Finally, Luther makes the assertion that we should all learn from a young age to pray daily. I hope this is a practice we’ve all adopted already. I’d like to add a thought here. Perhaps we should also learn a new prayer, a prayer from the Bible to comfort us as we pray. It’s never wrong for us to pray the prayers we’ve always know, but it’s also good for us to reach out to the God of all grace in new ways so He might turn and refresh our souls.




 Prince of Peace Preschool/Kindergarten                                  

 Director:   Diane Bradseth



Note from the Director:
It’s been a fun summer! Lots of happy faces at both the June & July Summer Camps! The July Camp was full and the August Camp is full thus far! It was great to see the kids meet new friends and play with their classroom friends from the school year! They learned about different places to live and lots about animals! Our fall Registration is going well! Most classes are full, with a few spots here and there, still open. I wish you all a safe and fun summer! Blessings, Diane Bradseth


Welcome Amanda Shaut!
Welcome to Amanda Shaut, our new Director! After many months of training with Diane Bradseth, current Director, she will begin on August 22! She brings experience in management and working/volunteering with children. She also brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Science.  She has an enthusiasm and joy that is contagious!  Make sure to stop by and say “hi”!


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at either: 

(360) 687-2448 or preschool@princeofpeacebg.com 

Blessings, Diane Bradseth, Director 





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