The Battle Ground area continues to grow at a fast pace.

            We are planning to grow as well. 




Battle Ground population growth projections


Space to meet our growing present ministries


Space for future ministries.


What is the decision making process for Building Expansion Plans?


Based on a needs analysis with Architect David Commeree the Ministry Team Leaders have arrived at a “Basic Footprint” to be presented to the congregation for county’s “Pre-Application” approval. This will lock us into current codes and regulations, preventing inflationary costs by new codes.


The Ministry Team Leaders will continue to work with David Commeree, and present each new step to be undertaken to the congregation for Voter’s Assembly approval.


This building expansion program is a step-by-step process. Completion will be dependent on congregational support and funding.


What about Funding?


The Ministry Team Leaders will present a plan of action to the Executive Leadership Team and the congregation for approval.


This plan of action will encourage ongoing financial support to the building fund. Once the $10,000 previously approved by the congregation is spent, approval from the congregation for a new set of funds will be possible.


The Ministry Team Leaders will also submit a major building fund plan to both the Executive Leadership Team and the Congregation’s Voter’s Assembly for approval.


Advancements of the Building Expansion Program and expenditures of funds will all be approved by both the Executive Leadership Team and the Congregation.


Plan for the future recognizing growth in the area and positioning ourselves now for that growth by taking advantage of current county zoning and regulations. 


How much money has been spent thus far for this project?


$10,000 was approved by the congregation at the Renovation Committee’s presentation in November 2013 to hire an architect to lead us in this building project.


We have spent $5,655.13


What do the plans of this project look like?


You can see the initial drawings here: our footprint viewThe first step for County approval is the “Pre-Application.”  For this approval, the county only needs this drawing.


A “3D” view at this point is costly and further planning will be required, and will be provided at an appropriate time.



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