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Begins Sunday, September 12, 2021!

Sunday School Beings @ 9:00am.

Worship Service Begins @ 10:30am.


From the Desk of Pastor David Zemke:

Coronavirus sometimes makes us crazy. We have our normal day to day lives broken up by something that was initially very scary and now is intermittently annoying. The scientific breakthroughs have been breathtaking as have the global teamwork as we collectively try to find solutions to a new disease. All this upheaval has caused significant psychological stress on us. Maybe you’re a little anxious when you go out. Maybe you’re picking events more carefully and then regretting not doing everything. And maybe our tempers have been frayed just a little bit.

I admit that I’m a news-junky. When I went to college I wanted to be a political journalist. I’m the guy that actually enjoys campaign season! And so, all this has COVID-related political circus has brought something spiritually troubling to the fore. I’ve been hearing a lot of phrases like “it’s my right” and “sacred conscience” surrounding public health decisions. I want to address some of these things because they’re not Christian and they’re spiritually dangerous.

The best place to start with is conscience. Biblical theology tells us that we owe our allegiance to the state in the stead of Christ. Those who work in the state work for our benefit; and are accountable to the creator for their work. Those are really big shoes to fill. Regardless of our political affiliation, we probably aren’t happy with the government. But God tells us in Romans that He gave them the sword for a reason. He put them in charge so they could work for us. We don’t get to shirk their leadership just because we don’t like their decisions without shirking the word of God. There is one small piece of fine print in all of this. If the government asks you to sin, you don’t have to. Objections about conscience are objections about sins, not about something we don’t like or think is foolish. Nothing the government has asked us to do is a sin, but some of our responses surely have been. Again, conscience doesn’t mean “nobody can force me to do something I don’t want to do” it means “the government can’t force me to sin.”

Rights, as Americans understand them, are not a biblical concept or a theological concept that Luther really has an ability to comprehend. Our rights flow from a logical argument that invokes a God who creates us all equal, which is surely biblical. But the argument is not a biblical one. That doesn’t make it untrue; it just positions the argument below the authority of scripture. Scripture itself is far more community-based than what most Americas are probably comfortable with. From Levitical mandates about skin blemishes (Lev 13), to laws about bearing each other’s burdens (Galatians 6), to turning the other cheek (Matt 5), to being all things to all people (1 Cor 9). The picture is clear. We are to take care of each other. Our American civil rights belong to Christ, not to us. They’re laid aside for the good of our neighbor, something Luther talks about extensively! Even if you have a civil right not to do something in the secular world, you might not have the right if you claim to be a Christian.

I’m concerned about this because we’re coming close to damaging our souls. Suspicions that this is a test-run for the government to abridge all our freedoms are breaking the 8th commandment. Living in a constant state of fear is not only psychologically damaging, but in this case since it’s a fear that hasn’t come to pass, and it’s putting the government’s actions in the worst possible light; its sin. Public and unrepentant sin is damaging to our souls. Additionally, we’ve gotten ourselves into an unnecessary authority fight. The more we hold off and say “nobody can tell me/force me to do X” the more we get used to saying that. I’m not surprised then when I hear “Jesus can’t make me do anything either.” An unrepentant sin has hardened our heart and we are now without salvation.

I know this is doom and gloom and maybe not what everybody wants to read, but there is hope. Christ, our brother and King, still reigns in heaven! He still offers forgiveness to all those who seek. And he still waits for the day when he will come again. Amen.


Prince of Peace Rally Day Picnic - Outside

Sunday, September 12th – Following Worship

Please join us for a celebratory BBQ as we kick off the school year and as we say goodbye to Lisa Ballard!


Thank You_Sunflowers_R_22__13048.1466716597

Thanking Lisa Ballard for her four and a half years of dedication and love to her call at Prince of Peace.



It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Lisa Ballard as our Director of Christian Education. She is leaving the ministry for a time to focus on growing her family. Lisa's ministry at Prince of Peace has been marked with a joy for working in God's kingdom and steadfastness in growing God's people. Lisa leaves many lives enriched and many of our people trained and excited to continue God's mission. She will be peacefully released from her call effective September 12, 2021. Pray for the Ballard family at this transition and for Prince of Peace as we move forward in ministry.



Youth & Family Minister: Lisa Ballard

Email: dce@princeofpeacebg.com

Young Adult Small Group - Join us every Monday night from 6-8 pm in Vancouver as we study God's Word, grow in Spiritual maturity, and enjoy a time of fellowship! We are currently in the book of Romans! Please let Lisa Ballard know if you'd like to join us and she will supply the address!

Sunday School Kickoff! Join us on Sunday, September 12th at 9 am to kick off our Sunday School year! Opening will be in the fellowship hall - all ages - and then we'll split off into our classrooms! Join us and keep maturing your faith! See Lisa Ballard with questions! Thanks!

Sunday School Teachers Wanted! If you love Jesus and want to tell someone, I have an audience for you! We are looking for a handful of members who would be in rotation to teach the Kinder-3rd grade class. It's a great way to grow your own knowledge and conviction while investing in our next generation! If you're available to teach once a month or so, please let Lisa Ballard know!


Celebration of Life Memorial

Arnie Klug

4:00 PM - September 10th, 2021


Please join us for a celebration of life for Arnie Klug on September 10, 2021 at 4pm
here at Prince of Peace. The Klug family has asked that any memorial donations
in memory of Arnie be made to the Church Properties Board.


9-11 Memorial Text Edit

Please join us at Prince of Peace for a memorial service on September 11th at 7:00 PM for a as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks.


News from the Preschool

Prince of Peace Preschool/Kindergarten - September 2021


Welcome to all of our families, old and new!  We are so excited to have you join our Prince of Peace Preschool & Kindergarten Family!  Our staff has been preparing many fun and educational activities for your children.  We are eager to serve you this school year and are looking forward to getting to know each of you and your wonderful children!  This year will be a great adventure that we get to share together!


New Procedures:

Due to COVID19, we are following procedures to meet the Washington State Department of Health recommendations for schools.  This includes face coverings for ages 5 years and older and individual class drop-off/pick-up locations with a health screening.  If you want more details, please see me for a copy of your new procedures.


Monthly Newsletter:

I will be sending home a Newsletter each month, with information that is pertinent for your child and your family.  Please watch for it in your child’s backpack.  I will also post a copy on the Preschool News Bulletin Board.


Registration Forms:

If you still have any Registration Forms out, please turn them in to me or put them in the door pocket on the PSK Office door.  Thank you!


Chapel Stories:

Pastor Dave and I will be using “Spark Story Bible”, as the guiding book for our weekly Chapel times.  This program follows the true meaning of our faith, Jesus and our salvation through Him!

Auto Payments:

Are you interested in having your tuition automatically paid from your account to ours?  If so, we have a program available to you!  You may either see me or pick up a flyer on the sign-in tables.



We are on Facebook, are you?  Come visit us on our Facebook page, at Prince of Peace Preschool, Battle Ground, WA.  I will be adding pictures and sharing our activities on our Facebook page.  If you “like” our Facebook page, you will receive these updates.  Be sure you turn in your Photo Release Form, so your child’s photo may be posted there.  Watch for the updates and let your child see if their photo appears!


Can you hear me?

I will be sending out emails when I have important information for families.  Please let me know if you do NOT receive any emails from me in the next 2 weeks.   This may indicate that I have an incorrect email address for you.

Walk the Talk:

We are holding our annual Walk-a-Thon on September 29, 30, October 1, here in our Preschool/Kindergarten Playground.  This is one of our two fundraisers for the school and helps to keep our tuitions low!  The children will be walking (or running!) around the track in the playground for a predetermined time, to see how many times they can go!  Their prearranged donors will make a pledge of either a flat donation for the event or can make a pledge of a certain amount per “lap” of the track.  We will have special snacks and

involve the Preschool/Kindergarten (PSK) families in this event.  It’s a fun day for the children, parents and staff alike!  Watch for pledge forms and more information!

Policy Reminder:

Each month I will restate a policy or policies from our Parent Handbook, as needed.  These are issues that either have come up during the previous month or have importance for this particular month.


Bathroom/Toilet Accidents:

We require all students (except the Toddler Class) to be fully toilet trained.  However, from time to time, a child may have a toileting accident.  We encourage you to send a change of clothes with your child each day in a backpack or in a marked bag to be held here at the school, in case the need arises.  Our staff will assist your child in clean-up and changing whenever possible.  If the child has a mess that requires parent assistance, we will call the parent right away for assistance.


What’s up at POP?

Join us for Sunday School & Worship Services:

Schedule beginning September 12:

Sunday School: 9:00am

Worship Service: 10:30am

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 6: NO SCHOOL-Labor Day

Sept. 29, 30 - Oct. 1:  Walk-a-Thon

Oct. 27 - 29: Fall Harvest Parties


Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at either:

(360)687-2448 or




Preschool/Kindergarten Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday - 8:30am – 3:00pm

I look forward to partnering with each of you for a wonderful PSK experience!



Diane Bradseth, Director



Ladies Nights


Prince of Peace!

The Women’s Ministry Board will be meeting in September with the hopes of resuming our Ladies Nights in October. Information with date confirmation will be sent out soon!



Diane Bradseth, Women's Ministry



Help Needed @ Prince of Peace!

Isaiah 6:8

“Whom shall I send?” -  “Here am I. Send me.”


Help Wanted

Position:           Treasurer              Beginning:   January 1, 2022

The Treasurer approves invoices, signs checks, creates monthly reports and attends PPC meetings.  Northwest Accounting does most of our bookkeeping and payroll. For more info please talk with Janet Crawford.



JustOneThing - Edit 

There is still a need!  Please help, if you can!





As we move into our Fall Worship Schedule, we would like to reintroduce lectors to our Sunday Worship! Please sign up by calling or emailing the Church Main Office.

Fall ThankYouWeath_ClipArt


Lector Schedule

Sunday, September 12

10:30am Worship: -Open-


Sunday, September 19

10:30am Worship: -Open-


Sunday, September 26

10:30am Worship: -Open-



HandBell ClipArt

Prince of Peace Hand Bells! 

Will Be Directing Bells this fall starting
 Lisa Rast and Linda Brainard

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Bell Polishing Night will be Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Please Contact Lisa or Linda if you have any questions!



September 2021

















Tuesday’s & Thursday’s Thomas Leaves @ 12:30pm





9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Confirmation

7pm Adult Bible Study






9am-3pm PSK/K





9am-3pm PSK/K




















9:00am –Worship





Labor Day


Church Offices Closed!

6pm Young Adult Bible Study





9am-3pm PSK/K

9:45am Staff Mtg.









9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Confirmation

7pm Adult Bible Study



9am-3pm PSK/K

1pm Ladies Night Mtg

2pm GFWC




9am-3pm PSK/K


4pm Arnie Klug Memorial Service



7pm 9/11 Service




9:00am- Sunday School

10:30am –Worship

Rally Sunday!







9am-3pm PSK/K

1:30pm PSK Board Mtg.

6pm Young Adult Bible Study





9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Elders





9am-3pm PSK/K

1:30pm PSK Staff Mtg.

3pm Auction Planning Mtg.

6pm Bells

6pm Confirmation

7pm Adult Bible Study





9am-3pm PSK/K





9am-3pm PSK/K






9:00am- Sunday School

10:30am –Worship





9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Young Adult Bible Study








9am-3pm PSK/K


6pm Empty Nesters-FH



9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Bells

6pm Confirmation

7pm Adult Bible Study





9am-3pm PSK/K

2pm GFWC





9am-3pm PSK/K







9:00am- Sunday School

10:30am –Worship







9am-3pm PSK/K


6pm Young Adult Bible Stdy







9am-3pm PSK/K


4:15pm Board of Ed

6pm PPC







9am-3pm PSK/K

6pm Bells

6pm Confirmation

7pm Adult Bible Study





9am-3pm PSK/K

1:30pm Women’s Ministry Mtg








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