Fall & Winter Worship Schedule



9:00- 10:00am    Sunday School/Education Hour

10:15am               Worship

Please join us after Worship Service for coffee in the fellowship hall!





From Pastor Ray & Judy Waetjen:


Body of Christ at Prince of Peace,


Judy and I thank you for your love and kindness which made our farewell Sunday a very fond and uplifting memory.   We truly appreciate your generous gift and plan to use it towards our Midwest trip.


We thank and praise God for the great things He has done during our time together these past 20 months.  Using God’s Word from Philemon 4-7 (the Living Bible)…”We always thank God when we are praying for you because we keep hearing of your love and trust in the Lord Jesus and in His people.  And we pray as you share your faith with others it will grip their lives too, as they see the wealth of good things in you that come from Jesus Christ.  We have gained much joy and comfort from your love because your kindness has blessed the hearts of God’s people.”


May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit give you His blessing with peace and joy as you begin your next chapter of ministry with Pastor Zemke.


With hope and joy, 


Because of Jesus and in His love,


Pastor Ray and Judy




From Pastor Dave Zemke:

I’d like to introduce myself to the people of Prince of Peace. My name is Pastor David Zemke. I grew up in North Idaho with two brothers and two sisters. I attended Whitworth College where I earned a degree in philosophy. During the summers I worked at Camp Lutherhaven where I met my wife Stasia. 

After I graduated from seminary in 2009 I was placed at Immanuel Lutehran Church in Portland. I served there for over nine years. During that time, we grew our family to four wonderful children, Myles (9), Josie (6), Ella (5), and Henry (2).

As we engage in ministry together we will learn about each other and grow in Christ. But with that growing together comes change. Some of this change is happy change. You have a new pastor after many months without a fully time called worker. You have a new family to embrace and welcome into life here at Prince of Peace. 

Some of the changes may be more difficult. It’s hard to watch an organization that we’ve loved for so long have real changes. Inevitably, there will be disagreement about the direction we go in ministry. This is part of a healthy church.

Keeping all of this in mind, I want to ask you to renew your prayers for Prince of Peace. God has amazing ministry planned for us. God has plans to use us to work in His kingdom for the salvation of souls and the growth of His saints. Nothing can happen without God’s blessing and permission. And nothing can happen without our prayers for His guidance. Let us pray to the Lord of the Church that He would keep and guide all our paths.

On Saturday October 6th at 3PM Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 

will be joyously having the Installation Service of Pastor David Zemke as God’s called shepherd for our congregation.  Please join us in praising God for His provision and help us welcome Pastor and his family to Prince of Peace.

The Call Committee




From the Preschool:

Diane Bradseth, Director            

News from the Preschool

Off to a great start!

September has been a fun-filled month!  The children have learned new songs, heard great stories, and made fun art projects.  They have learned about letters and numbers, shapes and colors, and in Kindergarten they are working on vowels, sight words and counting! We had visits from Fire Fighters from District #3 and an awesome Walk-a-Thon!  Once again, God has sent our Preschool & Kindergarten wonderful families and awesome children!  Thank you for being a part of our Prince of Peace Preschool & Kindergarten Family!

Come One, Come All!

Our Fall Program is coming up!  It will be held on October 14, here at Prince of Peace.  The service begins at 10:15am.  Please have your child here by 10:00am.  Our program will be a part of our regular Worship Service.  It will be followed by an Open House right after the service. Come and watch your child’s program and see what he/she has been working on in class!  Bring your family and friends!

Say “Cheese”

Our Photographer, Robyn Garner, is coming in October.  She has a wonderful way of bringing out darling smiles in all of the children.  Watch for an information flyer, coming soon!  You will receive an email of your child’s proofs by the last week of October.  If you do not, please let me know!  Photo Days:

Oct. 15: MW3; Oct. 16: TTh3, Kindergarten; 

Oct. 17: MWFam/pm; Oct. 18: TTh4; 

Oct. 19: Toddler.  Photo Retake Days: 

Oct. 29 & Nov. 1.

Auto Deduction:

Are you interested in having your tuition automatically paid from your account to ours?  If so, we have a program available to you!  You may pick-up a flyer on the table outside my office or from me.


We are on Facebook, are you?  Come visit us on our Facebook page, at Prince of Peace Preschool, Battle Ground, WA.  I will be adding pictures and sharing our activities on our Facebook page.  

Can you hear me?

I will be sending out emails when I have important information for families.  Please let me know if you do NOT receive any emails from me in the next 2 weeks.   This 

may indicate that I have an 

incorrect email address for you.

Here Come the Fireman!

The Firemen from Fire District #3 were here in September!  They came to share about fire safety, “stop-drop-and roll”, and a family “Meeting Place”.     The children were each able to sit in the fire engine, (if they wanted to) and have a picture taken, as well!  

Walk the Talk:   

We held our annual Walk-a-Thon in September, here in our Preschool/Kindergarten Playground.  This is one of our two fundraisers for the school and helps to keep our tuitions low!  The children had an awesome time walking, skipping or running around the track in the playground!  29 laps around equal 1 mile and many children even surpassed that number!  Many thanks to all of the families and staff who helped at these events!  They helped make it fun and successful!  Please turn in your Pledges by October 31 to either myself or your child’s teacher.  Thank you for your support and participation in these events! 

BoxTops are here!

We will again be collecting BoxTops here at the school.  This helps to provide our classroom supplies.  Many thanks to Kelly Wessels (Finn’s Mom) for volunteering to head this opportunity!  We will be holding a special competition between the classes.  Watch for a flyer with more information.

Hup, Two, Three, Four!

To keep our staff and students prepared for a possible emergency, we have monthly drills at the Preschool/Kindergarten.  These drills include Fire Drills, Earthquake/Storm Drills, and Lock-Down Drills.  We plan to hold six drills during the year.  In September, we held our first Fire Drills and we will be holding a Storm Drill in October.

Fall Harvest Parties are coming!

Our Fall Harvest Parties are coming fast!  These fun events are held during regular class time.  Your child’s teacher will be letting you know what things are needed for these events.  The children can dress-up for their party, but please nothing scary!  These parties are fun for the whole family, so come and enjoy the fun!

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

It’s time again to begin planning for our annual Preschool/Kindergarten Auction!  It seems like we were just having a wonderful time at our “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Auction and here it is again!  We will hold the Auction on March 9.  This is a large event that requires lots of parent help!  Our first planning meeting is on 

Oct. 17 at 2:45 – 3:45pm.  Please come and share your ideas and talents for this fun event!

Policy Reminder:

Each month I will restate a policy or policies from our Parent Handbook, as needed.  These are issues that either have come up during the previous month or have importance for this particular month.


If your child is showing any of the following symptoms of cold, flu, or any other communicable disease, please keep him/her home and inform the school:

1) Fever over 99.5*F

2) Frequent “wet” sneezing and/or coughing; thick or green nose drainage

3) Accompanying severe aches and pains

4) Nausea

5) Head Lice

6) Family member with serious communicable disease

What’s up at POP?

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church has many activities for all ages.  Please join us at any or all of these events!

Sunday Worship Services:

  9:00am Sunday School

10:15am Worship

Wednesday Night Youth:

5:00pm-6:30pm - 9th Grade – 12th Grade

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 8 & 9:  Program Rehearsals @ Chapel

Oct. 14: 10:15am - Fall Program!

Oct. 15 - 19:  Photo Days

Oct. 17: 2:45p-3:45p Auction Plan Meeting

Oct. 26, 30, 31: Fall Harvest Parties

Nov. 9:  NO SCHOOL-POP Bazaar

Nov. 12:  NO SCHOOL-Veteran’s Day

Nov. 16, 19, 20: Thanksgiving Parties

Nov. 21 – 25: Thanksgiving Break

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at either:

(360) 687-2448/poppreschool@qwestoffice.net">687-2448/poppreschool@qwestoffice.net

Blessings, Diane Bradseth, Director




Our Fall Sunday Worship Schedule 

Sunday School Classes begin at 9am 

 for an hour, followed by a 15 minute break. 

Sunday Church Service begins at 10:15am.  




Save The Dates: November 9-10

for the Annual Church Mouse Bazaar 


Prince of Peace!



Until then be sure to check for the next

crafting with Sandy Dates!


Saturday October 20th from 10am-12pm 

in the fellowship hall.



 Parish Activities Coming Events: 


Kitchen Clean Up is Thursday Oct 11th from 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM. Anyone can come help out! Let Elyssa know if you plan on coming, even if only able to commit for an hour or two.


Parish Activities meeting is Sunday Oct. 14th after church in kindergarten room. We are looking for some more servant-minded individuals to join us! Bring your coffee and cookies with you!


Oktoberfest is Sunday Oct. 21st after church. Contact Debbie Ostrand if you want to help with cooking/baking. 

Parish Activities membership not required!   -Elyssa 



We are Always In Need Of 

Readers And Greeters!!

Please Sign Up!

October 7:       Readers/Matt & Carol Ebert


  Greeters/Matt & Carol Ebert


October 14:       ~PSK Sunday/No Reader


  Greeter/Judy Doss


October 21:      Reader/TBD


    Greeter/Judy Brookshire

October 28:      Readers/Keith & Ursula Ansell


    Greeter/Bill & Louise Tucker



th copy



Soundboard & Slides!!



Sunday, Oct. 7

10:15am Worship:   Joe Vaught & Tim Rast


Sunday, Oct. 14

10:15am Worship:   Keith & Lisa Rast


Sunday, Oct. 21

10:15am Worship:   Len Crawford


Sunday, Oct. 28

10:15am Worship:    Cindy Klug





Church Mouse Bazaar

We have a vendor coordinator team step up 

(Dona Thompson & Joanne Cronrath 

will have Cherie Kaiser assisting them)! 

Thank you ladies! 

We will have some crafting opportunities coming up 

starting in August (thank you Sandy Wenschlag)! 

Sweet Shoppe signups will start in October! We'll keep you posted on dates! Don't forget to mark your calendars for Nov. 9-10th for the Church Mouse Bazaar and tell your friends!

-Elyssa Morris



Wednesday Night High School Youth

Wednesday's @ 5pm!

Please check our website 

@ www.princeofpeacebg.org 

or the Youth and Family Bulletin Board 

for more details!!






Calling all Women of Prince of Peace!   

Tuesday, October 9 @ 6:00pm, 

We will be making Payer Beads!

This year our devotions will be centered on 

"Women of the Bible",

with a different Woman featured each month.

Come and Join the fun and fellowship!


please talk with Diane Bradseth or Cindy Klug.  

Upcoming Events:

November 13 @ 6:00pm  “Appetizers”



Prince of Peace News and Announcements:



Upcoming Events:

Oct. 8 & 9:  Program Rehearsals @ Chapel

Oct. 14: 10:15am - Fall Program!

Oct. 15 - 19:  Photo Days

Oct. 17: 2:45p-3:45p Auction Plan Meeting

Oct. 26, 30, 31: Fall Harvest Parties

Nov. 9:  NO SCHOOL-POP Bazaar

Nov. 12:  NO SCHOOL-Veteran’s Day

Nov. 16, 19, 20: Thanksgiving Parties

Nov. 21 – 25: Thanksgiving Break


Sister’s in Christ Bible Study


10am @ Lois Moffat’s


Ladies Night

2nd Tuesday of the Month

6-8pm @ Prince of Peace



High School Youth                                           Wednesday’s                                                           5:00pm @ Prince of Peace 

Hand Bell Rehearsal 


6-7pm @ Prince of Peace


Choir Rehearsal


7:15-8:30pm @ Prince of Peace


Prince of Peace Quilters

1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

11am @ Dona’s


M&M Women’s Prayer & Bible Study


10:00 am @ Caroline’s

Serving Us in Worship:

October Readers:

7.     Matt & Carol Ebert

14.   PSK Sunday ~ No Readers

21.   TBD

28.   Keith & Ursula Ansell

October Greeters:

7.      Matt & Carl Ebert

14.    Judy Doss

21.    Judy Brookshire

28.    Bill & Louise Tucker

October Ushers:  

Kent Farmer, Bev Farmer,

Clark Holcomb, Clara Jane Holcomb

Slides & Sound

7.      Joe Vaught & Tim Rast

14.    Keith & Lisa Rast

21.    Len Crawford

28.    Cindy Klug & Wally Huey

October Flower Chart:

7.       A. Klug

14.    TBD

21.    TBD

28.    TBD

Please call Lori in the Church Office if you would like to volunteer to be an Usher, Lector, Greeter

or a part of the Slides and Sound Team!






P r i n c e   o f    P e a c e


L u t h e r a n   C h u r c h 


Lori Young


Office Administrator


Office Hours:


Monday – Thursday


9:00am – 3:00pm


Lunch 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Last Friday of Each Month




Phone:  360-687-7455


Email:  popoffice@qwestoffice.net


Website:  www.princeofpeacebg.org


14208 NE 249th Street


Battle Ground, WA  98604




OCTOBER 2018! 










9-3pm                  Preschool/K

10am                          Sisters in Christ 

7-8:30pm  AA


9-3pm                   Preschool/K 

1:30pm Staff Meeting



9-3pm                      Preschool/K  

11am                           POP Quilters 

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:15-8:30pm                          Choir Rehearsal         


9-3pm               Preschool/K                       

10:00am                M&M Prayer & Bible Study @ Carolines

6pm  AHG     Fellowship Hall



9-3pm                 Preschool/K



3pm Pastor Zemke’s Installation


9:00 - 10am            Sunday School 

10:15am   Worship

11:20am   NYG


9-3pm               PreschoolK

10am                           Sisters in Christ    

7pm  PSK Board Meeting

7-8:30pm  AA


9-3pm                    Preschool/K    

1:15pm  PSK Staff Meeting

6pm                     Women’s Ministry


9-3pm                   Preschool/K  

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

 7:15-8:30pm              Choir Rehearsal          


9-3pm           Preschool/K                       

10:00am                 M&M Prayer & Bible Study @ Carolines

1:30pm  Kitchen Clean Up

2-4pm  GFWC 

6pm  BLM

6pm  AHG



9-3pm            Preschool/K

6pm                         Suzanne Babcock




9:00 - 10am            Sunday School 

10:15am          Preschool/K                  Fall Program

11:20am  Parish Activities Meeting




9-3pm            Preschool/K 

10am                          Sisters in Christ 

7-8:30pm  AA





9-3pm               Preschool/K 



9-3pm                   Preschool/K  

11am                           POP Quilters

2:45pm  PSK Auction Planning Meeting

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:15-8:30pm           Choir Rehearsal     


9-3pm           Preschool/K 

10:00am                M&M Prayer & Bible Study @ Carolines

1pm                  Women’s Ministry Planning Meeting

6pm  AHG -   Fellowship Hall




9-3pm            Preschool/K



10am-12pm   Crafting with Sandy


9:00 - 10am            Sunday School 

10:15am   Worship

11:20am  Oktoberfest



9-3pm             Preschool/K 


10am                         Sisters in Christ 


7-8:30pm  AA


9-3pm              Preschool/K     



9-3pm                Preschool/K

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

 7:15-8:30pm             Choir Rehearsal         



9-3pm            Preschool/K     

10:00am                M&M Prayer & Bible Study @ Carolines

2-4pm  GFWC

6pm  AHG



9-3pm            Preschool/K Harvest Party    

6pm                       Suzanne Babcock



9:00 - 10am            Sunday School 

10:15am       Reformation        Sunday



9-3pm            Preschool/K 

10am                         Sisters in Christ 


7-8:30pm  AA




9-3pm              Preschool/K           Harvest Party

6:00pm                          PPC Meeting


31 - Halloween

9-3pm                Preschool/K             Harvest Party

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

 7:15-8:30pm             Choir Rehearsal         









*Tithing is our way of giving God thanks for what He does!


Contact Us:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
14208 NE 249th Street
 Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-7455 Fax: 360-687-7862
Preschool direct line: 360-687-2448


Church office hours
Monday - Thursday
Lunch 12:00-1:00pm.

Last Friday of Each Month


Publication Deadlines

Submissions for the weekly church bulletin are due Wednesday’s by noon. Newsletter articles are due on the 15th of each month.  
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