Fall & Winter Worship Schedule



 9:00am     Sunday School/Education Hour

10:15am     Worship


Please join us after Worship Service for coffee in the fellowship hall!

From Pastor Dave Zemke:

Our goal as Christians is to both worship God and welcome people to a relationship with a loving God. It’s pretty easy for Christians to get this mixed up because we’re all human. Sometimes we fall on one side rather than the other. Sometimes we do both imperfectly. That’s how life in service of God as a human is. But the bottom line is that God is always at work in us, and that’s something to keep before our eyes as the rest of the article goes forth.

            The goal of Christian evangelism and outreach is to connect people with a loving God. This is not the same thing as increasing church attendance. Many times it is a happy consequence as people see our faith community and want to be a part of it. Many times, however, the newly converted Christian chooses to journey with another faith community. And that’s wonderful that they’re connected to God’s word.

            Sometimes it’s also helpful to think of all of this outreach talk in wildly different terms. Let us pretend, for a few moments, that the church is a business. It is our duty to be welcoming and delightful and winsome when people walk into our showroom (which we call a sanctuary.) It does us great credit when people feel welcome to browse our Spiritual goods when we are nothing but happy and helpful. This is wonderful and a blessing from God. But this isn’t outreach in the same way that working well in a showroom isn’t proper “advertising.”

            All businesses (and in this way church is the same) need to communicate their goods or services. In our case that would be a relationship with Christ, the sacraments, community, and eternal life. Our “advertising” is evangelism. Sometimes churches do take out adds in papers or put on television commercials. This is only advertising and not evangelism or outreach. And this is mainly helpful for people who are already looking for a “service provider,” or for us, a church. Many businesses get along just fine by word of mouth. And this is a good form of evangelism that we can rightly work with. This is how our Immanuel Preschool has done well for almost thirty years. Finally, some businesses use testimonials for their advertising. While it might sound corny to hear actual clients talking about how good a service is, you can’t buy that kind of publicity. And that’s the point. Our own testimonies, our own life stories are worth more than any add in a paper or even the best, friendliest congregation on Sunday morning.

Business exists so we can make a living selling things people need. That’s all well and good. Christianity exists so we can have a right relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. While businesses want to advertise to make money, we want to advertise/evangelize because we fear for people’s souls. This has nothing to do with our church attendance and everything to do with our neighbor’s eternal destination. Pulling this off successfully does require a number of parts, from a showroom/sanctuary, to a product/gospel, to a advertising/evangelizing team who go out into the world to bring in customers/the lost. 

At the start of the article I suggested that we do all of this evangelism imperfectly because we’re human. It is the case, because we’re fallible humans, that some of us have gotten the wrong ideas about evangelism, that some of us are on one side more than the other, and that we’re not doing everything right all the time. That’s not a special criticism of our church. That’s a factual statement about any church, anywhere. The gospel is that God works through all of these problems we have in following through to His great glory. The goal of the gospel, and our goal to, is to connect people with Jesus Christ. And we are allowed to be a part of it. Praise God for His gift of ministry to us and praise God for welcoming us into His family.




From the Preschool:

Diane Bradseth, Director            

News from the Preschool

Happy 2019!!!

January arrived with lots of happy faces!  The children and staff came back from our Christmas break refreshed and full of energy!  We have been focusing on Cultures of the World and Friendship in January.  We held Earthquake/Storm Drills this month to help keep us prepared in case of an emergency.  We had lots of learning about snow, letters, numbers, reading and dramatic play learning!  A great start to 2019!

Lent Season and Chapel:

We hold Chapel in a more reflective manner through the Lent season, beginning Mar. 4.  Lent is the preparation period before Easter, in which we reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  We ask that you hold any conversations in the Narthex, outside of the Sanctuary, during this time of Lent.  We will have a Prayer basket at the entrance of the Sanctuary, where families, staff and children may put any prayer request.  These will be prayed over during Chapel, as a general prayer, no details will be shared.  We ask that the children file in quietly with their class, rather than come in individually, whenever possible.  

Special Chapel option for Ash Wednesday:

Pastor Dave will offer a special Chapel on Ash Wednesday, March 6 @ 9:00am for any students that would like to attend.  Please let your teacher know, if you give your child permission for this special Chapel.  There will be teacher supervision at this service.  It is similar in length to our regular Chapel services.

“Wild West Round-Up!”

Howdy Partners!  Mosey on over to our annual Preschool/Kindergarten Auction!  We will hold it on March 9 at 5:00pm.  It is an evening full of old west fun at a starlit Corral!  There will be many wonderful items to bid on at both our Silent and Live Auctions.  Once again, this awesome event is free!  Tickets are limited and will be available on February 11.  We are looking for donations for both the live and silent auctions.  If you would like to donate an item(s) to our Auction, we will be collecting them in February.  This is a large event and our primary fundraiser.  It requires lots of parent help!  Please let me know if there is any area in which you would like to serve for this event.  

Registration 2019- 20!!!

It’s here!  Yes, Registration for the Preschool and Kindergarten classes will begin on January 7, 2019!  We will again offer exclusive registration to all of our Preschool/Kindergarten families and Prince of Peace members for the month of January.  On February 1, we will open up Registration to the community.  Registration packets are available on the sign-in tables, on the PSK Office table and from Miss Diane.  Some classes fill up quickly, so make sure you get your Registration in early to hold your spot!

Policy Reminder:

Each month I will restate a policy or policies from our Parent Handbook, as needed.  These are issues that either have come up during the previous month or have importance for this particular month.


If your child is showing any of the following symptoms of cold, flu, or any other communicable disease, please keep him/her home and inform the school:

1)Fever over 99.5*F

2)Frequent “wet” sneezing and/or coughing; thick or green nose drainage

3)Accompanying severe aches and pains


5)Head Lice

6)Family member with serious communicable disease

Weather Policy:

We follow the Battle Ground School District’s inclement weather policies and procedures.  To reach their weather hotline, call: 885-5343 or go to their website: battlegroundps.org.  If BGPS has no school, we won’t either.  If they have a one, two or three hour late start for any part of the district, we will cancel all of our classes.  If any of their preschool and/or kindergarten classes are cancelled, ours are cancelled as well.

Valentines’ Day Parties:

Our Valentine’s Day Parties are held during regular class times.  We love to have families participate!  Watch for sign-up forms or talk with your teacher for ways that you can help!

Feb. 13 – MW3, MWFam & pm,class parties

Feb. 14 – TTh3, TTh4, K class parties

Feb. 15 – Toddler class party

What’s up at POP?

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church has many activities for all ages.  Please join us at any or all of these events!

Sunday Worship Services:

 9:00am Sunday School

10:15am Worship

Wednesday Night Youth:

            5:00 – 6:30pm (9th – 12th Grade)

Lent Services

Mar. 6:     12:00pm & 7:00pm Ash Wed. Services

Mar. 13:   12:00pm & 7:00pm

Mar. 20:   12:00pm & 7:00pm

Apr. 3:      12:00pm & 7:00pm

Apr. 10:    12:00pm & 7:00pm

Apr. 14      Palm Sunday Service

Apr. 18:    12:00pm & 7:00pm Maundy Thursday

Apr. 19:     7:00pm Good Friday Service

Apr. 21:     Easter Services

Upcoming Events: 

Feb. 13, 14, 15 Valentine’s Day Parties

Feb. 18NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Mar. 6Ash Wednesday Chapel

Mar. 9   “Wild West Round-Up”Auction!!!

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at either: 

(360) 6887-2448 or preschool@princeofpeacebg.com">preschool@princeofpeacebg.com


Diane Bradseth, Director



Our Fall Sunday Worship Schedule 

Sunday School Classes begin at 9am 

 for an hour, followed by a 15 minute break. 

Sunday Church Service begins at 10:15am. 


th copy


Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm


Lenten Services Schedule:

Wednesday, March 13

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm


Wednesday, March 20

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm


Wednesday, March 27

*We Will Not Have Services Today*


Wednesday, April 3

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm


Wednesday, April 10

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm





Reminder to Spring Ahead One Hour

Saturday night, March 9, 2019!




POP Quilt Ministry:  would like to Thank the "Cheerful"giver for their generous gift!


Wednesday Night High School Youth

Bible Study

at Prince Of Peace @ 5:00pm!

Please check our website 

@ www.princeofpeacebg.org 

or the Youth and Family Bulletin Board 

for more details!!



Greeters for February!!


Sunday, February 3

10:15am Worship:                 Sue Sigrist


Sunday, February 10

10:15am Worship:                 Bill& Louise Tucker


Sunday, February 17 

10:15am Worship:                 Judy Doss


Sunday, February 24

10:15am Worship:                Judy Brookshire


Please call Lori in the Church Office

@ 360-687-7455 to sign up!



Lectors for February!!



Sunday, February 3

10:15am Worship:              Keith & Ursula Ansell


Sunday, February 10

10:15am Worship:              Matt & Carol Ebert


Sunday, February 17

10:15am Worship:               Judy Doss


Sunday, February 24  

10:15am Worship:          Myles Zemke & Pastor Zemke


Please call Lori in the Church Office

@ 360-687-7455 to sign up!




Calling all Women of Prince of Peace!   

This year our devotions will be centered on 

"Women of the Bible",

with a different Woman featured each month.

Come and Join the fun and fellowship!

Ladies Nights at Prince of Peace

2018 - 2019

@ 6:00pm


Upcoming Events:

February 12:   Bingo Night!

March 12:   Flower Pots

April 9:   Mission Craft Night

May 14:   Tea Party

June 11:   Potluck Dinner 

July & August:  Summer Break


Come and join the fun, food and fellowship!


please talk with Diane Bradseth or Cindy Klug.  





1- Friday

9-3pm          Preschool/K

NW Accounting

2- Saturday


3- Sunday

9:00 - 10am      Sunday School 

10:15am        Worship                 

4- Monday

9-3pm            Preschool/K

10am                  Sisters in Christ  @ Lois Moffat’s 

7-8:30pm  AA

5- Tuesday

9-3pm         Preschool/K-     

1:30pm                   Staff Meeting  



6- Wednesday

9-3pm         Preschool/K 

11am                           POP Quilters     

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:00-8:00pm           Choir Rehearsal          

7- Thursday                 

9-3pm      Preschool/K                       

10:00am              M&M  Prayer & Bible Study @ Caroline's

6pm  AHG    

8- Friday

9-3pm      Preschool/K    

6pm             Suzanne Babcock

9- Saturday


10- Sunday

9:00 - 10am      Sunday School 

10:15am        Worship               


11- Monday

9-3pm            Preschool/K

10am                  Sisters in Christ @ Lois Moffat’s 

7pm  Preschool Board Meeting ? or Feb. 25th

7-8:30pm  AA



12- Tuesday

9-3pm         Preschool/K

10am-12pm              POP Host Circuit 8   

6pm                    Women’s Ministry


13- Wednesday

9-3pm         Preschool/K -Valentine Party

2:45pm  Auction Planning Meeting ?    

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:00-8:00pm           Choir Rehearsal      


14- Thursday

9-3pm         Preschool/K -Valentine Party 

10:00am              M&M  Prayer & Bible Study @ Caroline's

2-4pm  GFWC

6pm  AHG     

6pm   BLM 

15- Friday

9-3pm         Preschool/K -Valentine Party 

NW Accounting

16- Saturday



17- Sunday

9:00 - 10am      Sunday School 

10:15am        Worship               


18- Monday

President’s Day       No Preschool/K  

10am                  Sisters in Christ @ Lois Moffat’s

7-8:30pm  AA

19- Tuesday

9-3pm            Preschool/K  



20- Wednesday              

9-3pm            Preschool/K

11am                           POP Quilters    

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:00-8:00pm           Choir Rehearsal         

21- Thursday

9-3pm            Preschool/K                 

10:00am              M&M  Prayer & Bible Study @ Caroline's

1pm - Women’s Ministry Meeting  

6pm  AHG    

22- Friday

9-3pm            Preschool/K  

Lori-Out of Office

6pm             Suzanne Babcock

23- Saturday

24- Sunday

9:00 - 10am      Sunday School 

10:15am        Worship   


25- Monday

9-3pm            Preschool/K 

Lori-Out of Office

10am                  Sisters in Christ  @ Lois Moffat’s 

7-8:30pm  AA



26- Tuesday

9-3pm            Preschool/K 

4:15pm  Board of Ed Meeting 

6pm  PPC

27- Wednesday

9-3pm            Preschool/K  

5:00pm                         Youth Bible Study 

6-7pm                           Hand Bell Rehearsal

7:00-8:00pm           Choir Rehearsal         

28- Thursday

9-3pm      Preschool/K                       

10:00am              M&M  Prayer & Bible Study @ Caroline's

2-4pm  GFWC

6pm  AHG    



Prince of Peace News and Announcements:


Psk/Kindergarten Upcoming Events:


Feb. 13, 14, 15                                                             

Valentine’s Day Parties!

Feb. 18                                                       

NO SCHOOL- President’s Day

March 9

Wild West Round-Up Auction! 


Weekly Happenings at Prince of Peace: 


March 6                                                                

Ash Wednesday

Services @ 12:00pm & 7:00pm 


Remember To Spring Ahead One Hour

Saturday night, March 9, 2019!

March 13, 20, April 3, & 10                                                         

Wednesday Lenten Services 

@ 12:00pm & 7:00pm


Sister’s in Christ Bible Study


10am @ Lois Moffat’s


Women’s Ministries

2nd Tuesday of the Month

6-8pm @ Prince of Peace


Youth Bible Study                                             


5:00pm @ Prince of Peace                                           

Hand Bell Rehearsal 


6-7pm @ Prince of Peace 


Choir Rehearsal


7:00-8:00pm @ Prince of Peace


Prince of Peace Quilters

1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

 11am @ Dona’s


M&M Women’s Prayer & Bible Study                               


 10:00 am @ Caroline’s

Serving Us in Worship:

February Readers:

3.     Keith & Ursula Ansell

10.   Matt & Carol Ebert

17.   Judy Doss

24.   Myles Zemke & Pastor Zemke

February Greeters:

3.       Sue Sigrist

10.     Bill & Louise Tucker

17.     Judy Doss

24.     Judy Brookshire

February Ushers:  

Jeff Elwell, Maya Elwell

Marvin Mathison, Peter Brainard

Slides & Sound

3.    Joe Vaught & Tim Rast

10.   Keith & Lisa Rast

17.  Len Crawford

24.  Cindy Klug

February Flower Chart:

3       Paul Ancil

10.    Klug Family

17.    OPEN

24.    Davidson Family

Please call Lori in the Church Office if you would like to volunteer to be an Usher, Lector, Greeter

or a part of the Slides and Sound Team!






P r i n c e   o f    P e a c e


L u t h e r a n   C h u r c h 


Lori Young


Office Administrator


Office Hours:


Monday – Thursday


9:00am – 3:00pm


Lunch 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Last Friday of Each Month




Phone:  360-687-7455


Email:  office@princeofpeacebg.com


Website:  www.princeofpeacebg.org


14208 NE 249th Street


Battle Ground, WA  98604




*Tithing is our way of giving God thanks for what He does!


Contact Us:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
14208 NE 249th Street
 Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-7455 Fax: 360-687-7862
Preschool direct line: 360-687-2448


Church office hours
Monday - Thursday
Lunch 12:00-1:00pm.

Last Friday of Each Month


Publication Deadlines

Submissions for the weekly church bulletin are due Wednesday’s by noon. Newsletter articles are due on the 15th of each month.  
Are you interested in learning how to become a newsletter editor or want to share your gifts with the church? To learn more: contact Lori in the church office.


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