Morning Kindergarten!

   We will continue to offer Half-Day Morning Kindergarten!


Toddler Class!


  This fall we will once again offer a class for 2 year olds!  It will be on Fridays, 9:00a- 11:30am.  Parents may stay or go, it's up to you!  


 Contact Diane Bradseth, Preschool Director, at 687-2448 for further information.  And for all of the latest on our Prince of Peace Preschool & Kindergarten, please visit the preschool's website:

News This Month From The Preschool:


Prince of Peace Preschool/Kindergarten * November 2018



October flew by!


October was a busy month, with lots of fun and learning!  We had a visit from the PSK Photographer, which brought out lots of smiles!  We have made many fall projects and some are posted for you to enjoy!  We will end the month with our annual Fall Harvest Parties.  These are always memorable events for the families and staff, alike!




Come One, Come All!


Our Fall Program was a big hit!  Many thanks to all of you who attended.  The children did a wonderful job!  Our next program is on December 16 @ 3:00pm.  It will be our Christmas Program.  Watch for more details! 




Say “Cheese”


Our Photographer, Robyn Garner, was here in  October.  She has a wonderful way of bringing out darling smiles in all of the children.  You should have received an email of your child’s proofs.  If you did not, please let me know! 




Auto Deduction:


Are you interested in having your tuition automatically paid from your account to ours?  If so, we have a program available to you.  If you are interested, please see me or pick up a flyer on the sign-in tables.




Drive on In:


November is our Food Drive month.  From November 1 – 20, we will be collecting food for the North County Community Food Bank.  Please see your child’s teacher for more details on collection dates and ways to “earn” their food donations.




Walk the Talk:


We held our annual Walk-a-Thon at the end of September here in our Preschool/Kindergarten Playground.  The children had a wonderful time!  This is one of our two fundraisers for the school and helps to keep our tuitions low.  If you haven’t already, please turn in your pledges as soon as possible!  Thank you for your participation in this fun event/fundraiser! 



BoxTops are here!


We will again be collecting BoxTops here at the school.  This helps to provide our classroom supplies.  Many thanks to Kelly Wessels (Finn’s Mom) for volunteering to head this opportunity!


Hup, Two, Three, Four!


To keep our staff and students prepared for a possible emergency, we have monthly drills at the Preschool/Kindergarten.  These drills include Fire Drills, Earthquake/Storm Drills, and Lock-Down Drills.  We plan to hold six drills during the year.  In October, we held our first Lock-Down Drills and we will be holding an Earthquake/Storm Drill in November.




Thanksgiving Feasts are coming!


In celebration of Thanksgiving, each class will have a Thanksgiving Feast.  These fun events are held during regular class time.  Your child’s teacher will be letting you know what things are needed for your class party.  Here are the dates for these parties:


Nov. 16: Toddler Class


Nov. 19: MW3; MWFam/pm


Nov. 20: TTh3; TTh4; K




Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!


It’s time to begin planning for our annual Preschool/Kindergarten Auction!  It will be held on March 9.  This is a large event that requires lots of parent help!  We will hold our next planning meeting on


Nov. 14 @ 2:45-3:45pm.  Please come and share your ideas and talents for this fun event!



Policy Reminder:


Each month I will restate a policy or policies from our Parent Handbook, as needed.  These are issues that either have come up during the previous month or have importance for this particular month.




If your child is showing any of the following symptoms of cold, flu, or any other communicable disease, please keep him/her home and inform the school:


  1. 1)Fever over 99.5*F
  2. 2)Frequent “wet” sneezing and/or coughing; thick or green nose drainage
  3. 3)Accompanying severe aches and pains
  4. 4) Nausea
  5. 5)Head Lice
  6. 6)Family member with serious communicable disease


Weather Policy:


We follow the Battle Ground School District’s inclement weather policies and procedures.  To reach their weather hotline, call: 885-5343 or go to their website: 


If BGPS has no school, we won’t either.  If they have a one, two or three hour late start for any part of the district, we will cancel all of our classes.  If any of their preschool and/or kindergarten classes are cancelled, ours are cancelled as well.


What’s up at POP?


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church has many activities for all ages.  Please join us at any or all of these events!


Sunday Worship Services:


            9:00am Sunday School


            10:15am Worship


Wednesday Night Youth:




            4th Grade – 12th Grade




Upcoming Events:


Nov. 9:  NO SCHOOL-POP Bazaar


Nov. 12: NO SCHOOL-Veteran’s Day


Nov. 16, 19, 20: Thanksgiving Parties


Nov. 21 – 23: Thanksgiving Break


Dec. 16:  Christmas Program


Dec. 18-21: Christmas Parties 10:00-11:30am


(NOT regular class times!)


            Dec. 18: MW3, TTh3


            Dec. 19: MWFam/pm


            Dec. 20: TTh4, K


            Dec. 21: Toddler


Dec. 24 - Jan. 4: Christmas Break




Contact Us:


Please feel free to contact me with


any questions, comments or concerns  


at either: (360)687-2448 or




Diane Bradseth, Director 


© 2018 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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